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Brow ELIXIR: Professional Eyebrow Concentrate

75 AED
This concentrate is ideal for eyebrow care, both after beauty services (e.g. after the lamination procedure) and for home use as a care product.
10 ml.

The concentrate is enriched with the following natural oil complex: monoi, coconut, avocado, rosa canina, olive, arctium, argan, maize, and vitamin E.


– moisturises, restores and protects the skin around the eyebrows after the lamination procedure;

– strengthens eyebrow hairs, whilst also protecting from dryness and dehydration;

– provides significant antioxidant properties after beauty procedures.

Result: the eyebrow hairs become softer and more elastic. It is easier to set them in place and preserve the eyebrow shape. The skin is protected from dryness and dehydration.

Expiration date: 24 months.
Period after opening (PAO): 6 months.

1. Apply several drops of the concentrate with a dropper to the cleansed eyebrow area. It is recommended to use a make-up brush for more hygienic application of the product.
2. Leave Brow Elixir on the eyebrows until it is fully absorbed.

For professional use: use the concentrate as the final solution directly after the eyebrow lamination procedure.
For the eyebrow home care: use the concentrate to nourish, strengthen and regenerate the eyebrow hairs. It is recommended that the concentrate be used on a daily basis.

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